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What is MLM Single Leg Plan or MLM Monoline Plan ?

Single Leg Plan: MLM Single Leg Plan is also known as business MLM Monoline plan or business MLM Linear Plan. MLM Business Single Leg Plan is basically based on first come first serve method. Single Leg Plan looks like a level plan but it is much different from level plan. This plan works in a first come and first serve basis or as the name suggests ‘mono’ means single or one and the basic concept is that everything falls in same line. When after your joining someone joins the company, he will be considered in your downline, here it doesn’t matter whether the person is referred by you or not. This system has an advantage and that’s the reason people immediately joins such company. The key features of Single leg plan has single leg downline, earn money in an indirect way by providing referrals..

Facts about MLM Single Leg Plan / Monoline Business Plan :

  • Also known as Monoline MLM Plan, it is straight line or linear MLM plan which consist only one leg for each member.
  • Join this Single Leg Plan and make a single leg downline.
  • You can stop working or providing referrals still you can earn money.
  • Simple Plan! As it does not have any structure it just straight line so it easy to understand.
  • It has more massive income opportunities.
  • It has high benefit to person who is on top of this chain , and low compensation to member which are lower to chain but as chain is grow they are also able to receive high compensation.
  • Earn more Profit.
  • Monoline has referral bonus , when user refers another member then he/she will get certain amount of bonus.
  • Allows you to free re-entry into system and user will get many re-entry when system grows on.
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Advantage of Single Leg MLM plan:

  • This plan is simple because the network structure is in the shape of straight line and it is easier for the member to understand.
  • There is always a chance of getting more income when new members are added.
  • There is an earning opportunity for every person in the plan, the top member always gets more income as more distributors are added.
  • It is considered as the most popular plan because of its less complexity, and massive income opportunities.

Features of MLM Single Leg Business Plan:

  • Member management
  • MLM report
  • e-Wallet
  • e-Pin management
  • Payout statement
  • Downline/upline report
  • Reward System
  • Withdrawl Request

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