MLM Matrix Plan

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What is MLM Matrix Plan?

MLM Matrix plan:It is also known as Ladder or Forced matrix plan. The structure is organized in a pyramid pattern with a fixed depth and width. The width is limited and therefore, a member can motivate his or her downline member to earn profit. The member can allow completing his width up to a limit and then the new recruits will be positioned under any of the downline in depth. Sometimes the companies reduce the width and increase the depth for compensation or bonus purpose.

Facts about MLM Matrix Plan

  • This plan is based on Matrix and also called as Forced Matrix plan.
  • MLM Matrix plan has limited width and limited number of users that makes to handles easily with risk free.
  • This plan gives more benefit to members involved in plan as dowline members earn for members above them.
  • It has more opportunity of making money in fastest way , you can earn as soon as your business starts and it will be continue till your plan is in active state.
  • Explore teamwork where members work together and everyone get profits and benefits.
  • Helpful for those who want to start their own MLM Business.
  • Networkers have ability to be more focused on their Legs as income is dependent on them.
  • Down line is always get motivated by up line in the network because whenever downline work upline gets benefits.
  • Flexible and easy to extend matrix tree width according to compensation plan.
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Advantage of Binary MLM plan:

  • The upline gets benefited when their downline works.
  • The plan is easy to understand. Basically, anyone can explain the concept.
  • It is flexible through which the company extend their Matrix tree width according to their compensation plan.


  • Member management
  • MLM report.
  • e-Pin management.
  • Payout statement
  • Downline/upline report

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