MLM Level Plan

MLM Level Plan
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What is MLM Level Plan ?

MLM Level Plan: It is very clear and simple plan in the business MLM industry. The company fixed the level and then decide the limit of the depth. The member can sponsor anyone into his downline and according to company’s business plan which is set by the MLM company the commission is distributed up to the fixed depth. Now a days the level plan used with repurchase concept.

Facts About LEVEL MLM Plan

  • Most popular plan in MLM Industry
  • Level MLM plan dont have limit for depth.
  • As it don’t have limit for depth then there is more chances of earnings.
  • This is the pure working plan in MLM Industry
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Advantages of Business Level MLM plan:

  • The main feature is Simplicity. Because of this feature it easy to explain in front of others.
  • This plan is simple in nature so that the reason is becoming more popular across MLM Business plan.
  • Level MLM plan is used with repurchase concept. Repurchase is the concept where distributor helps to company by promoting and selling their product . this helps to generates unlimited income from efforts that are taken by distributor.

Features of Business MLM Level Plan:

  • Member management
  • MLM report
  • e-Wallet
  • Secured Login Via e-Pin
  • Generate different report
  • Downline/upline report
  • Reward and bonuses-system can be integrated easy at any level structure
  • Withdrawl Request

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