MLM Help Plan

What is Helping Plan in MLM industries ?

Generally, the "MLM Help Plan" or "MLM Gift Plan" is concept based on give and take concept in which a networker who provide a single help to a networker and get multiple help from others.

MLM Helping Plan: It is also known as MLM Crowdfunding plan or MLM Donation plan or MLM Money Order plan or MLM gift plan in MLM business industry. MLM Help Plan is considered as more secure alternative to cheques. In this Helping MLM plan we use money order for payment. In this plan the member registers themselves by sending money orders to all the members above them to their addresses and to the admin, this moneyorders can be tracked real time. The first addresses are of admin, the admins are basically take care of hosting and administrative cost. The rest addresses are the member’s address who joined by investing an amount. Members join using the referral links that the software will generate for them. New member registers using the money orders. If the existing members want to increase their level then they pay the member above them and the admins via PIN or money order.

Facts About Helping MLM Plan :

  • Also called as Referral Plan/Gift plan/Donation Plan/Donation Plan.
  • This Plan is like scheme in which one member can send gift to another gift and this sending and accepting process creates a bond between members which also gives financial benefits.
  • Live PNR Status helps user to track all money orders issued by your members that status will be Booked , Received , Transmitted to post office , Received at post office and paid.
  • Various Option are available for members like member code , sponsor code , name , registration date etc.
  • For admin options are available like member joining report , down line report of members , reports which helps you to analyze your business and make different strategies.
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Advantages of Business Helping MLM plan Software :

  • Real time updates of the PNR status.
  • The members get instant live report of the payment which they will be receiving from other members.
  • Various reports are generated.

Features of Business Helping Plan MLM oftware :

  • Member management
  • MLM report: Downline / upline report
  • Secured Login Via e-Pin
  • People are likely used this services on regular basis.
  • Gifting plans will attract more distributors
  • Effective Concept of giving and taking which gives benefits to each members.
  • It has ability to receive your money by daily , weekly or Monthly.
  • Effective Concept of giving and taking which gives benefits to each members.
  • Reward and bonuses-system
  • Withdrawl Request

Compensations in Helping Plan MLM Software

The compensation is the return you receive on the MLM plan you choose. Every organization has different compensations based on the policies and the area of operation. MLM Vibes being one of the leading names in the MLM business, we have a range of compensation chalked out for the investors. The remunerations can be enabled or disabled at whatever point required. Our Helping Plan MLM software is exceptionally configurable and adaptable to cover every one of the proposals of all kind associations. Our MLM helping plan software helps in organising the bonus structure perfectly.

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Give Help & Get Help :

It is one of the most important compensations in the MLM Helping Plan. This MLM Helping Plan is based on mainly two factors called Give Help And Get Help.

"Give Help means Offering help to other benefactors and Get Help means getting help from other members. Giving and Getting help are based on certain rules."

Actually, this is not a multi level marketing MLM concept. The basic concept of mlm helping plan is to send gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each and every member will be benefited with multiple gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift or donated directly to other members as the system shows.

Basically, this MLM Help Plan or Gift Plan a concept of give single and got multiple i.e. if you provide a single gift to a member, you got multiple gifts from others. Helping /donation plans are illegal in all over India .

These guidelines are configurable in the back office programming.

Introducer Bonuses:

Whenever a new participant was introduced by existing user in the helping MLM plan system, the introducer will earn the introducer bonus. This introducer bonus is based on the introducer bonus limit that a company defines.

The introducer bonus limit may be defined by the rank, enrolled package or the enrolled packages. The Sponsor Bonus is introduced to propel the existing clients to get all the more new individuals to the network. The sponsor bonus is boundless and whenever they present new participant they get paid. Dotphi MLM software dvelopment agency being a forerunner in MLM software offers flexibility. The business owners can handle all administration and take control of all these compensations.

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Stage Advancement Bonuses:

Just when the User/client is qualified to progress to the next level, this commission or reward is offered by the Gift plan association. For a user to qualify to the next level he needs to earn bonus and this bonus is fixed by the MLM company.

There are millions of people who need help and are benefited with the MLM Helping Plan.

Our MLM helping Plan Software provides an web portal for the monitoring of income and expenditure of customers by business administrations who are involved in the helping plan system.

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• Our system will provide all types of reports like downline summary , upline summary , tree structure of network , level of networks.
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