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What is MLM Board Plan | Cycle or Revolving Matrix Plan in MLM industries ?

MLM Board Plan: It is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan. It is similar to corporate board. It is one of the most popular international MLM plans. Here the group works in a team called as Board, further this board can split into sub-trees. The top one member promoted into next higher board. When the first board is complete it automatically splits in second board.It is suitable for a limited number of people.

Points to remembered for Board MLM Plan :

  • Also known as revolving matrix plan. The main feature of this Board MLM plan is Splitting which allows board leader to reach the next board level and at the same time remaining members will share among two boards based on their position.
  • Once you joining cycle you have to make certain number of joining under your chain and this number of joining is always fixed and when you are completed your board you are done with it.
  • Number of boards and structure is vary from company to company and sometimes it depends on country rules.
  • Board MLM Plan have more compensation available which builds development in all stages.
  • Higher Boards will get auto promotion.
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Advantages of Business Board MLM plan:

  • As the size of members is less then it becomes easy to manage.
  • It has other form of income like rewards , bonuses , referrals in addition to board income.
  • Board MLM plan is independent on the network.
  • System enables recycling entry into board.
  • There is Auto Splitting of MLM Boards.

Types of Business Board MLM Plan:

  • Single Board
  • Shuffing board
  • Manual filling board
  • Multi board
  • Auto filling board

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