MLM Binary Plan

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What is MLM Binary Plan?

MLM Binary plan is a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) compensation plan, it is one of the most popular one. The members can have two forefront members who wish to join. When a person joins the network, he introduces new joiners either to his left side or right side in the binary structure. Power leg in MLM Binary grows even when the member previously enrolled in the tree recruitsthe new membersand add into the tree. Here, one side is referred to as power leg while the other one is called as profit leg.In the binary plan the structure grows faster and therefore the business gives return and grows quickly.

Facts about MLM Binary Plan

  • It is tree like structure and every Member or Node of tree has respectively two sub nodes or left and right sub tree.
  • In each MLM Binary Plan , that nodes called as legs. Outside leg is the Power leg and Inside leg is Profit Leg.
  • Each Member in this MLM Plan is responsible to sponsor at least two in their down line.
  • f Member added two sponsor successfully and he/she wants to add more then it will add to next available node in power leg.
  • Concept of Spill Over helps networker to adopt this plan because members get sponsored in their down line by their up line.
  • alance between these two nodes is important while achieving result it will reflect when both are trying to gain income.
  • Networkers have ability to be more focused on their Legs as income is dependent on them.
  • This effort should be taken in team.
  • Compensation is given to a member as per ratio of the sales between this two legs established in network . This again increases the importance of balance between the legs.
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Advantage of Binary MLM plan:

  • One just need to concentrate on the profit leg to get benefits in the binary plan.
  • When a new member joins in the network, all the upline get benefitted by binary points.
  • It’s a plan where up-line sales give the benefits to their down-line.


  • Member management.
  • MLM report.
  • e-Pin management.
  • Payout statement
  • Downline/upline report

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