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Marketing is very much required in any business, from a footpath vendor or an MNC companies. The whole world is connected through marketing and it is the best way to bring customers close to the products and services. It is not very surprising that companies are investing ¾ th of their income in marketing. This is the time of technology and online selling. Everybody is busy in their own life and their attachment to social media is increasing exponentially every day.

For those who are still trusting age old methods of marketing like brochures, visiting cards and mouth publicity, stay at last in this highly competitive time. Digital world is networking itself and turning miles of distance to shrink to a click on internet. Digital marketing is the need of today and the organization which is into digital marketing should also understand that it’s the marketing method that requires adept understanding of SEO, SEM, SMM and content skills. Digital marketing is a process of understanding how search everything on internet and reach the target market. The reach can be by various means such as google adwords, keyword marketing, social media marketing, blogging, ad posting and video marketing.

Every digital marketing technique has its own positives and is suitable for specified customers. For example, we cannot expect the old age people to use social media frequently; we cannot expect company owners to be on facebook for maximum time. But students regularly connect through social media nad thus selling educational material, trendy apparels and wacky things is good on social media. Thus understanding the age group, gender, country, location, educational status, financial status and interests are the major factors to consider in digital marketing

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